7 reasons why website maintenance is so important!

Do you remember the 1996 Looney Toons movie, Space Jam? All our favourite Looney Tunes characters came to life in the real world, Michael Jordon took the leading role alongside Bugs Bunny and I Believe I Can Fly was the title music.


Why do all your favourite apps look the same?

“Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy” which is a phrase copied from Chuck Palahniuk’s famous book Fight Club. Have you noticed that apps such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and Airbnb all look strangely alike? It is as though they have all been designed by the same company. But they haven’t, so what’s going on?


Why we create custom websites with Laravel

Even when we build a custom website, there are still many common activities that will need to be accomplished. A web framework such as Laravel allows for the rapid development of these activities so that our developers don't have to create the code from scratch every time.


Personalisation – web design for an audience of one

Everyone is talking about personalisation in web design, but how is it achieved? We're going to shed some light on the nuts and bolts of personalisation in this blog so you can begin to truly engage with your target market and generate those all-important leads!


Proprietary CMS vs Open Source CMS

You’ve decided you need a fancy new website, great! But before you dive headfirst into the world of web design, you need to first make a big web development decision – should you build your site on a proprietary CMS or an open source CMS?


How to add Google Analytics to your WordPress website

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by, you guessed it, Google that allows you to analyse all the activity that occurs on your website. If you have a WordPress website that you want to drive traffic to, now is the time to start using Google Analytics.


5 no-nonsense ways to drive traffic to your website

A website, no matter how beautiful or cutting-edge in its design is pointless without visitors. However, driving traffic to your new website is easier said than done. That's why, in this blog, we are sharing 5 no-nonsense ways to drive traffic to your website!


Design a product page for your ecommerce website that sells!

Your website’s analytics may tell you that streams of new visitors land on your ecommerce website every day, but if they are not buying what you’re selling, then it is just a vanity statistic. It is possible that your product page design is at the root of the problem.


5 tips for outsourcing web development projects

After expertise, trust is the most significant aspect of a relationship with any outsourced agency. As a web development agency, we have more than a few tips and tricks to share to make sure your web design experience is one that is professional, positive and gets you the results you want. Read on for our trusty tips!


The rules of colour in web design

All the colours of the rainbow, but which shall you choose? There are many, many different decisions which will have to be made to bring your new website to life, but few are as significant as colour. Images can be swapped out, text can be tweaked, but it’s best to start off with a solid colour scheme from the very beginning.


Tips & tricks for a mobile-friendly website

In March, Google announced that they were rolling out mobile-first indexing. Is your website mobile-friendly? If not you might find your search ranking on Google has taken a hard hit! Here are some tips & tricks for designing a mobile-friendly website...


How to design the perfect homepage

From a single line of text to a long page giving jumping-off points to a variety of site areas - the homepage comes in all shapes and sizes. However, there are certain elements that are proven to get you better traction, keeping your visitors on your site for longer and leading to better conversion rates. We reveal what these killer homepage elements are.


How to boost your website’s Google ranking in 2018

It isn’t easy keeping up with what Google wants, because they are relentless with their updates! But fear not, we don’t just develop websites at MadBit. We also know more than a thing or two about ranking high on Google.


Show me the… online payment methods!

68% of internet users in the EU shopped online in 2017. If you're looking to offer your customers the opportunity to buy your product or service from you online, here are some of the payment options you could consider to make their lives easier.


Tips for running a successful website project

Is your company website due an overhaul this year? If you’re worried about how to brief your agency and manage the project in a way that gets you the best possible results for your budget, read on… Here’s the MadBit 101 on running a website project!


Ignore ”I want it now!” shopper mentality at your peril

Shopping online, banking online, next day delivery – how we shop has changed consumer expectations. The digitalisation of our marketplace has made us impatient. Consumers expect real-time news feeds, live broadcasts, up-to-date bank balances, SnapChats, speed dates. If that all sounds like an insurmountable problem for your e-commerce shop, don't worry... We have the answers!


A practical approach to personalisation in UX design

For companies wanting to get ahead in today's competitive marketplace, personalisation is the next standard to reach for. But how do you achieve it? For a start, you need to know who your users are and what is important to them.... here's how to do that.


5 crucial tips to avoid cart abandonment

The world of e-commerce looks like a zombie apocalypse movie after the virus has broken out and the initial panic has died down. At this point in the movie, the audience is presented with a wide shot of shopping carts; all abandoned precariously along the aisles of the ransacked homeware store.


What is a user experience strategy and why do you need one?

A user experience strategy takes your business strategy and uses this to steer user experience (UX) design, ensuring that customer research and business goals are in the driving seat at all times.


2018: Three predictions for web design and development

There are lots of trends being predicted for web design in 2018, from strong typography to asymmetrical themes to ethical design. We look at three trends which are worth paying attention to on your next website project.


4 trusty metrics for measuring engagement

For potential customers, your website is a window into your business - but this is only half the story. Your website is also a window to your customers. Every time someone visits your website, data is available to be distilled into meaningful metrics which can help you determine whether that visit was valuable to your business or a missed opportunity.


How Growth-Driven Design Can Transform your Online Store

Website redesign projects can be a highly work intensive, expensive, and time-consuming. But it’s vital for businesses to engage in this practice to keep their website up to date to offer the best value for visitors.


E-commerce Platforms – which one is right for you ?

When making a decision about which e-commerce platform is right for you, there are several options to choose from including cloud-based platforms, self-hosted platforms, or a custom system.


Conversion Rate Optimisation: how does it affects your business?

Why more traffic doesn't always mean more profit...


Top 7 E-commerce Strategies for 2016

The study also found that 1.2 million Irish consumers go online using a mobile device.