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Omniplex is the largest cinema chain in Ireland with screens in most cities across the country. Most of their online bookings are facilitated by their website. As a result, our primary challenge was to enhance and optimise visitor experiences when booking tickets online. Along with our changes to the layout, we also optimised the structure of the database. Further, we were also able to integrate a new payment system and enabled visitors to redeem vouchers and gift cards.

User Experience

First, we analysed visitor behavior on the website by utilising heatmaps across the whole domain. Next, we developed a poll to ascertain visitor opinions which were supported by live recordings of the interactions. After a few iterations, we were able to amplify and simplify the whole booking process by significantly cutting down the time needed to complete a transaction.

Development and support

We helped Omniplex migrate to a new payment system and enabled custom integration with the cinema system. Among many small improvements, we also built an ecommerce platform to sell gift cards. Further, we developed a custom built system to redeem gift cards online and provided 24/7 support.

„We have  worked with Madbit now for over two years on a number of developments for and their commitment and support to developing ad maintaining our website has been second to none. Each time they’ve proven to be on the top of their game, providing best UX and programming service. Their superb 24/7 support has been a lifesaver during our busy periods.”

Ben Hearne, IT Director, Omniplex

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