Patrick Donald Photography Gallery

E-commerce redesign and optimisation

Main Objectives

  • Improved
  • Better
    user experience
  • Optimised sales funnel

New design

Award winning photographer Patrick Donald’s Dublin-based Gallery offers a wide range of fine art photography of Ireland and rest of the world. For the redesign, our main goal was to create a seamless shopping experience by making it easier for visitors to navigate through the website by improving the overall user flow (making it highly user-friendly). Further, the new structure that we developed is highly scalable and can be easily maintained by the manager of the shop.

Structure and architecture

The business offers two types of photography products, namely, print and original. The challenge here was to build a robust architecture that was expandable and able to cover all types of product variations. After a few iterations, we were able to create a structure that was highly intuitive. This helped to enhance the cross-selling of additional photographs and gifts.


We optimised the user path to checkout and ensured that the shopping experience on the site was seamless and highly user-friendly. As a result, after the initial (re)launch, sales significantly improved and the cost of development was returned in less than two weeks.

More benefits

Another dimension to the project was building credibility for the client’s brand. We achieved this by increasing the number of customer reviews. We also developed a module that was emailed to customers after they purchased a product from the website to enquire about their shopping experience. Further, the new e-commerce engine that we implemented dramatically reduced maintenance time by half as the shop managers could now engage in bulk edits.

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