Paul Sheeran Jewellery

Website redesign and optimisation


  • Sales +86% in the first month
  • Newsletter signup up +235% in the first month
  • Bounce rate down –19%

Website redesign and optimisation

The client approached us with the primary objective of developing a seamless, pleasant, and enhanced online shopping experience for visitors of Paul Sheeran Jewellers. So we first worked closely with Paul Sheeran Jewellery on branding and developed content about the products.

Secondly, we worked on the goal of increasing the conversion rates for newsletter signup, appointment signup, and sales.

Further, using a growth-driven design approach, we were able to build a website quickly and then incrementally optimise it based on user feedback. This approached reaped huge benefits as we were able to get really good results.

Mobile optimisation

More than 60% of the traffic originated from mobile devices, so it was essential to create a superb experience for mobile users across a wide range of mobile platforms.

Our main aim was to enhance the visitors’ experiences on the site by making browsing feel more natural and intuitive. We also paid special attention to important sections of the website to ensure that navigation was a breeze.

As a result of our combined efforts, the mobile bounce rate dropped from 33% down to 14% while an average number of page views improved from 4.3 to 6.2. This evidences significantly enhanced customer engagement on the website.

Bounce rate improvement

More sales

After conducting a deep analysis of the traffic and user interaction using heatmaps, recordings, and raw data, we continued to tweak the design in the sales funnel, including the home page.

As a result, the sales conversion rate shot up and sales improved by 86% in the first month. Further, we managed to achieve this without investing any extra capital on attracting additional traffic.


Better e-commerce sales

More conversions

Further modifications to the design and structure of the website resulted in improving conversion rates for all business goals.
Newsletter signup increased by 235% in the first month.

Appointment signup went up from 0.13% to 0.17% (that is a 30% increase).

At the same time, general contact enquiries dropped by almost 30%. This suggests that the users were able to find their way around the site to find exactly what they were looking for easily.


Improved conversion


First month results

Improved sales Optimised newsletter subsciptions Reduced bounce rate

„We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Madbit.
They listened and spent time understanding our needs and products to make sure the site layout was appropriate and giving us the best advice for a great user experience. They delivered a beautiful website which showcases very well our luxury products and its fully mobile friendly.
The overall approach was hard-working but always positive! They have been really a great support for any new needs popping up or last minute changes! Even post-launch, Hubert and his team have continued to be helpful and interactive, making it easy to solve any issues quickly and resolutely. Thank you, Madbit!”

Paul Sheeran

Paul Sheeran

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