Growth-focused design process

From inception to post-launch, a documented process brings the best ROI for your project and ensures better, intelligence-led outcomes. Our methodology, based on the growth-focused approach, is carefully designed to reduce operational costs while improving sales and other conversions.

Main Steps

The strategy phase

The build phase

The post-deployment phase

The continuous improvement phase

The strategy phase

1. Establishing goals

We develop an understanding of the client’s business objectives and desired outcomes. It’s important to know the context of the project, so we look at the company’s overall strategy and how the project fits into this. We establish the parameters of the project and the metrics that will be used to measure its success.

2. Personas

Through extensive research, we build a picture of the client’s target audience and ideal prospects. The output of this is a range of ‘personas’, fictional representations of typical clients – who they are, what they do and what they want. Personas are used throughout the project to test and evaluate the assumptions made and solutions proposed.

3. Main concepts

In order to validate the core elements of the website strategy, we use an agile project tactic. We test out theories and expectations about the business and the website to form a value proposition for each product, offer, service, etc.

4. User journeys and research

We use our previously defined personas to consider their entire journey – before, during and after their contact with the website. We analyse each step to see if the interactions they have are providing a positive or negative experience.

5. List of features

This is a longlist of every feature and idea we have for a website (100 – 200 options that could bring value). We carefully select those that have the biggest impact to specify the core functionality of the website.

The build phase

1. Information architecture

The information architecture gives semantic hierarchy to the website’s content, which is crucial for good navigation. We also specify what calls to action (CTAs) are required and how the user journey will progress through the site.

2. Wireframing and prototyping

These are outlines of how the website will look across multiple devices. Wireframes are less about design and more about visualising and testing user interaction. For more complex projects, we will create prototypes that can be tested by users.

3. Graphic design

In keeping with the client’s brand identity, we produce a contemporary web design that fits the brand’s personality and message, while engaging the target audience. We will provide a content guide so that clients can produce the relevant copy for each page.

4. Build

We build, customise and integrate the various functionalities required into a unified CMS solution. All our code is SEO-friendly and complies with the latest standards and best-practice, as well as being device-agnostic. Backup and security modules keep both content and data safe.

5. Deploy

Preparing a website for launch day is the final part of the build phase. No detail goes unchecked as the content is added in and various additional elements such as SEO and tracking codes are installed. Everything is tested and verified to ensure the sites goes live without a hitch.

The post-deployment phase

After launch, we offer a three-month service to deliver a series of website enhancements based on real user feedback. This is a live optimisation to improve the website’s performance.

The process used is as follows:

  1. Monitor organic traffic, heat maps, abandoned carts, bounce rates, etc.
  2. Run user testing and visitor feedback on the live site,
  3. Revisit the fundamental assumptions and any debated items from the build,
  4. Execute rapid updates based on user feedback,
  5. Implement high-impact items from the strategy phase,
  6. Apply industry-vetted growth tactics

The continuous improvement phase

Now that the website has been built and launched (with initial optimisation), we can move into a cycle of continuous improvement. This is an ongoing support package which aims to improve the ROI of the website through a process of monitoring and enhancement.

This responsive, 24/7 service ensures our client hits its targets, while minimises any disruption to service. We set clear goals so that we track and measure the right metrics, optimising the site where needed to improve conversion rates.

Typically, this service would cover:

  • Audience: build consistent traffic flows through smart optimisation
  • Value: Ensure the site is solving user pain points and delivering great content
  • Usability: Measure to user experience and ensure the site is easy to use
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO): Eliminate friction and smooth the conversion process
  • Stickiness: Giver users reasons to return to the site and continue their engagement
  • Personalisation: Customise the experience for users with a personalisation strategy
  • Assets: Provide high value items that will gain Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL)
  • Promotion: Develop strategies to benefit from viral, organic and referral growth

The continuous improvement cycle works in a series of monthly sprints. We feed back the previous month’s data to enhance the conversion strategy and unlock new opportunities:

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