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Digital platforms and applications to drive your business goals


A digital hive of strategically aligned business processes

Do your digital products live in a vacuum, not bringing you any real value? Letting them stagnate for too long can hurt business performance and damage your customer relationships. By knowing how to capitalise on your web applications, web platforms and websites, you can begin to drive real business growth.

A Digital Strategy aligns your web systems, infrastructure and applications with your business goals so that all aspects of your online presence are working in tandem to get you the results you want.


With a web strategy to fit your overall business plan

Our primary question for you is what do you need to be able to do better? You know your business inside out, and we take that knowledge and transform it into online success. By determining your challenges, business goals, who your users are and what they’re trying to achieve, we will create a Digital Strategy that optimises your digital products and gets results faster.

Perhaps communication with clients has become convoluted, and you would benefit from a custom designed client portal? Or maybe customers are dropping off at the end of your buyer funnel, so you require a superior payment system? Or are you striving for more informed decision making and, therefore, want to streamline your data via a data management system? Whatever your pain point is, our custom Digital Strategy will ensure your digital products do exactly what you need them to do.

Your online systems should simplify, enhance and facilitate the interactions that happen between your teams as well as with customers and prospects. Our team of experienced consultants will conduct a complete audit of your digital products to identify roadblocks and unearth digital opportunities, bringing you added value every step of the way. At MadBit, we work at the frontend and backend of your digital products to produce optimal performance at every level.


Digital opportunities galore!

With your digital infrastructure working harmoniously towards your business goals, the possibilities are endless! It’s time to bring your digital products back to life with our intuitive and responsive design and custom web and app development services.

DIGITAL STRATEGY TOOLS and methodologies

We’re a team of technical experts with a track record of delivering high-performing custom digital products to well-known Irish brands. Check out the skills and methodologies we bring to your Digital Strategy:

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