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Holding a customer’s attention is more challenging than ever in today’s sprawling digital landscape. However, with innovative, user-centric web design that is optimised for search results, your website will be perfectly poised to engage your customers, boost conversions and grow your business.

Our team of UX & UI specialists will analyse your customers’ online behaviour to engineer digital experiences that inspire and delight.


By turning your business goals into beautiful web design

At the core of our Web Design philosophy is the user experience. With user profiling, user journey mapping and usability testing we determine what will work for your customers and what will not. Web design should be aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable to use, but most importantly it should provide a seamless user flow through your website that ends in a conversion.

Our team is expert at creating stunning websites that engage customers and keep them coming back for more, but we believe web design is a collaborative process. To craft a website that exudes your brand and is strategically aligned with your commercial objectives, we get to know your company inside out from the very beginning.

At MadBit, we understand that redesigning a website can be a big decision for a business to make, which is why it is important to us that you are happy with the final product. Throughout the web design process, we provide wireframes and prototypes for you to check and test so that you (and your stakeholders) are informed at every step along the way.


Results-driven digital solutions

For many company websites, the sign of successful web design is when the user hardly notices the design at all. This is because the web design is so intuitive and in-tune with the user’s behaviour that they enjoy a seamless experience throughout the website. Of course, there is always room to include charming elements of surprise, but the main purpose of our web design is to drive conversions.

By the end of your web design journey with us, you will have a digital solution for your business issues that gets you the results you want.

Our WEB Design TOOLS and methodologies

We’re a team of technical experts with a track record of delivering high-performing custom digital products to well-known Irish brands. Check out the skills and methodologies we bring to your Web Design project:

Google Design Sprint
Responsive Design
Mobile First
Growth Driven Design
Invision Studio
Web Design Successful Stories

The challenge here was to redesign the website to highlight the benefits of using the service, enable the brand message to be communicated effectively, and improve conversion rates. Further, in this competitive market, it was also crucial that visitors didn’t have any confusion related to prices or the checkout process.

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